Alfaisal University, like many other research-based institutes, recognizes the significance of research and provides its undergraduate students with various research opportunities. The institution upholds a “student-centered” environment, thereby aiding in the foundation and establishment of an Undergraduate Research Committee (URC). URC was officially established in 2011 under the Medical Students’ Association and is run purely by students, who facilitate local and international research training and mentorship opportunities for their peers. The university faculty and administration provide guidance and support to the committee leadership.


What are our goals?

  • To encourage the engagement of undergraduate students in research by promoting abundant quality research experiences
  • To develop the students’ research skills and provide them with hands-on experience in the areas of basic, clinical and medical education research
  • To expand research opportunities to undergraduate students both locally and internationally
  • To publicize available research training and funding opportunities and resources
  • To enhance the recognition of Alfaisal University in the field of scientific and medical education research at an international level
  • To influence the current medical curriculum to evolve into a research-based integrated medical curriculum through conducting hands-on research projects, under the supervision and mentorship of research-qualified academics