Student affairs committee is the taste of fun in the college of medicine. Since being in medicine is stressful and at some places tiring and condensed, it must be balanced with glimpses of joy and relief. We are focusing this year the most on how to make the student affairs one of kind and how to leave all our attendees slack-jawed. We have diverse events and plenty of activities that everyone wishes to try with their friends such as watching a movie in a literal cinema environment, Olympics to show all whom you know what you got from sport skills, go karting, secret room, ignite and many more!!

Moreover, we also added a medical angle, which mainly focuses on diseases and their awareness. We all know little information that may or may not be true about a specific disease. We will delete all confusions and show you the complete image, which includes everything you need to know. In addition to, we all got in positions where someone we love dropped silent and we stood tied hands not having an idea what to do; well not anymore because we will be hosting an event called “How to save life 101” in which it will teach people how to act in emergencies and how to help our beloved one until he/she can get the required help needed from an expert. Don’t hesitate to join us because definitely it is going to be an awesome experience and worth it! Keep tuned because we will keep you holding your breaths in all our events!!



Structure of Student Affairs committee

Head: Mahmoud Aleraki

Co-Head: Hajar Alreefi


Hamza Khader

Khalid AlTaweel

Maha Nassar

Areej Mohammed Saleem

Sadeem Albulaihed

Fatima Akil

Anas Khaled Alsuraimi

Noureen almasoud

Faizun Nessa Audhry

Abdulaziz Bakhshwin

Aroub Almaghrabi

Muhammed Yaman Swied

Muna Albashari

Yara Kattan

Mohammed Refaei

Ahmed Arrowsmith

Shahad Alsuwailem

Lujane Younes

Randa yasin

Farah Amous

Maryam Asif

Mayar Amboun

Hamna Abdul Muthalib

Danya Baz

Malak Saad aldeen

Mohammed Abdullah Aldahmash

Reem ElSayyad

Leen Jijakli

Mohamed Yousif

Mohamed Elashwal

Faten AlSomali

Rama Nassri

Tala Abedalqader

Amru Alrifai

Rula sallout

Tasneem Abodahab

Ahmad Almaghrabi

Yara Jazzar

Naser Haj Aissa

Albatoul Alkohlani

Razan Alsagheir

Lana Anas Bilal

Abdulrahman Rasheed

Tareq Mahayni

Lana Aldahleh

Raidah Ayesha Razack

Ahmed Khedr

Tasnim atef

Saeed khattab

Hashem AlBunni

Yara Al-Souss

Nasouh ALJabi

Yasmin sowwan

Ali Hassan Mushtaq

Bachar Albachir

Hanaa Fatoum

Amer AlDeiry

Juzer Nadri

Ayesha Fatima

Mohammed Fadel Barbour

Jwana M. Boushi

Arwa Alnajashi

Arwa Abdullah Al Meslat

Mazin Elsarrag

Ma’ad Galal

Kawthar Nasr

Mustafa Kafaji

Saria alazmeh

Balsum Elgerray

Khulood Alhasan

Alyaman Almiro

Fatimah Abdullah Alshayeb

Ahmed Nahid Elshaer

Hamza Abdullah Gungadoo

Saleh Alyahri

Faisal Sikder

Fadie Dyab Altuame

Mhd Adnan Al Doumani

Afrah Alsomali

Hesham Abdalla

Leena Al-Labboudy

Khaled Ahmed