While most of your university life treads on a monotonous path of balancing GPAs, sleepless nights and anxiety, the MSA Events are indeed welcomed as a breather. While it is exciting to gear up as a participant, it is even more applaudable to be an organizer. Create memories and help others create memories too. Furthermore, it is a platform dripping with opportunities to hone your skills: those of self-actualization, confidence, communication, leadership, team work, decision making etc. Professionally, it definitely puts your CV one notch higher than the rest.

Over the past year, the team has successfully organized a plethora of events ranging from awareness events for Rheumatoid, Autism, Breast Cancer, Mental Health to large-scale conference organizing contributions like SEMA and Edupathic. And of course, the Winter Games, held for sports enthusiasts spanning across different medical schools of Riyadh, in collaboration with the General Sports Authority. These were duly followed by awarding ceremonies like College of Medicine Awarding Ceremony, Winter Games Awarding Ceremony and MSA End of Year Celebration. In addition, it conducted plenty of social events like MSA Night Out, Bounce, CoM Open House and also joined ties with different clubs and organized events such as the Exam Relief.

If you are seeking to make the most of your university life, to be a part of events that impact yours and others’ future, to make friendships that last for a lifetime, to build an atmosphere that develops you as an individual and a doctor, then we say, join the committee already!