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Please Read the Following Criteria Carefully!


The applicant must:

  • Have a minimum Cumulative GPA of 3 out of 4 at the end of Fall 2016-2017 semester (Students with a GPA between 2.75 to 3 are also encouraged to apply, but will be placed on the waiting list, and placement is not guaranteed).
  • Have no Incomplete or Summer Courses pending at the end Spring 2016-2017 semester.
  • Have no record of misconduct with the university or during any local or international research program organized by the URC.

Selection Process:

Academic and professional achievements (35%)

We are seeking students who will flourish in our program and those with a proven track record of success. Your academic and professional achievements will be assessed through:

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Academic year
  • Any college and pre-college awards, certifications, or other forms of recognition you have received (academic or professional)

Research experience (30%)

Under research experience we are looking for applicants who have a strong research experience through the following courses/programs:

  • Successful completion of the Basic Laboratory Skills Program (BLSP)
  • Participation in a past or current Local Research Training Program (LRTP)
  • Participation in a past SPIRIT training program
  • Successful completion of the Writing Evaluating and Publishing program (WEP/WEP-Case Report).
  • Participation in a past or current MERG mentorship program.
  • Successful completion of any other workshops offered by the Training and Development Committee under the URC.
  • Participation in any other research related training/mentorship programs, courses or workshops.

Volunteering (20%)

  • We value students with both intellectual and interpersonal strengths. Your participation in extracurricular activities within and outside the MSA will strengthen your application and tell us more about how passionate you are about using your skills to benefit your community.

Interview (15%)

  • SPIRIT is looking for the students most eligible and those who we believe have the outmost academic ability and potential to be offered a research seat abroad. Personal interviews reflect what GPAs, research experience and achievements don’t. They will allow us to know more about the applicants on a personal level and will contribute to our assessment of the applicants’ eligibility. They will reveal how students communicate on a one on one basis and will help us pick the most deserving and most representative of our university.
  • A final interview with the mentor might be required to be finally accepted into the program.

Special Instructions:

  • Every credential listed in your application should have a verifiable proof.
  • Any form of falsification or fabrication of the information provided will result in your application being rejected.
  • Out of all applicants, a number of shortlisted candidates may be called upon for interviews as the second step in the selection process.

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