International Clinical Electives “ICE”

The International Clinical Electives (ICE) program is responsible for providing Alfaisal students with clinical electives and observerships in different hospitals around the United States. The program has been successful in creating opportunities for our medical students to undergo complete clinical experience in leading hospitals around the US. The objective of ICE is to contact different US institutions, create affiliations with them, and secure clinical electives and observerships for to facilitate the best possible learning outcome for Alfaisal medical students.

Local Clinical Training Program “LCTP”

Local Clinical Training Program is the gate between Alfaisal University and the various hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The students who will work for the Local Clinical Training Program “LCTP” different positions will be the main source of communication between our university and the other hospitals. Her\she will be required to visit the hospitals and get the spots for our students in the different departments.

Basic Surgical Skills “BSS”

The team will be composed of a director and 2 organizers. Organizers’ jobs will be to contact the facilities and course director in the hospital and arrange for the enrollment of Alfaisal Students in this course. They will also need to coordinate with Mr. Khan for all payment issues concerning this course. The director will be responsible to supervise, fill the gaps and update us on this course.

Introduction to Clinical Medicine “ICM”

Introduction to Clinical Medicine “ICM” aims to expose the first years to some clinical experience. The team will be composed of a director and 4 organizers (2 males and 2 females). Organizers will be responsible to recruit tutors, finalize the syllabus and arrange the schedule to accommodate both the tutors and attendees. The director’s job will be to supervise the round on all levels, fill the gaps and update us on the program.

Future Planning Series “FPS”

Future Planning Series (FPS) assures the academic and personal development of all medical students, it will be taking care of the future career development of alfaisal students through organizing orientational sessions that prepare the students for different resistance programs in different countries and board exam preparations i.e USMLE & SMLE. FPS will also be conducting educational sessions that help the students on their future career acceptance by writing a better CV.

Awareness Campaigns

Our goal for doing the campaigns held in Alfaisal University is to aware students about one of their responsibilities for being fortunate enough to have this education, for being able to have this beautiful knowledge. That responsibility is to speak to the community and educate the society about information that they don’t know about. With educational seminars with the help of specialists doctors and patients who are fighting these diseases, we will be able to raise the student’s awareness of one of the most important duty mankind had ever known, which is education.


Wikipedia presents a lot of medical topics in English; however, we found that those same topics are lacking in Arabic. Wikithon proposes to start a translation process for those medical related topics posted on Wikipedia so that it can enrich the Arabic medical content and increase the public awareness about common health conditions in the Middle East. In addition, we aspire to expand our translation process to include awareness campaigns supported by translated booklets for the public to benefit from. The booklets will be done in a creative way that will attract all those who attend such events. All translated material will be examined by a committee of doctors and reviewers.

Be Program

An Executive BE member is responsible to implement the program’s strategy direction and to aid in flawless execution of the program’s activities. As a BE member, one will work toward achieving the program’s vision and implementing its mission with adapting BE team core values. A BE member will have opportunities to channel creative and innovative ideas into the program’s activities. As BE program is focusing on personal growth, a BE member will be able to put his skills into practice and to develop communication and teamwork skills. A BE member is an ambassador for the program, communicating and reflecting its vision and mission.

SCOPE Program

As first year medical students, we all faced some difficulties adjusting to the new system. Therefore, SCOPE aims to help first year students by encouraging senior-junior interaction where seniors meet regularly with a group of first year students to be asked about academics, extracurricular or any questions related to College of Medicine.