Events Team

Student affairs committee is the taste of fun in the college of medicine. Since being in medicine is stressful and at some places tiring and condensed, it must be balanced with glimpses of joy and relief. We are focusing this year the most on how to make the student affairs one of kind and how to leave all our attendees slack-jawed. We have diverse events and plenty of activities that everyone wishes to try with their frien​ds such as watching a movie in a literal cinema environment, olympics to show all whom you know what you got from sport skills, go karting, secret room, ignite and many more!!
Moreover, we also added a medical angle, which mainly focuses on diseases and their awareness. We all know little information that may or may not be true about a specific disease. We will delete all confusions and show you the complete image, which includes everything you need to know. In addition to, we all got in positions where someone we love dropped silent and we stood tied hands not having an idea what to do; well not anymore because we will be hosting an event called “how to save life 101” in which it will teach people how to act in emergencies and how to help our beloved one until he/she can get the required help needed from an expert. Don’t hesitate to join us because definitely it is going to be an awesome experience and worth it! Keep tuned because we will keep you holding your breaths in all our events!!