1. Hello,
    I have a small question
    Can I pay the 100 SAR application fee before I submit the application or should it be after I submit. Also, is there a deadline for paying
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi,
      It doesn’t matter. Just make sure you pay the fees before the deadline which is 24th February.

  2. Hello,
    I haven’t done any research before but currently I’m working on a project in MERG. We just started. So should I mark yes where it is asked from me about my experience in MERG?

    1. Hi Sara,

      Yes. Please choose the option YES and mention the title of the MER project and your mentor’s name.


    1. Hi Tarek!

      Good question. We will have to look into it. I can’t give you an answer unless I have more details.


  3. I’m just curious about the selection process. If let’s say 2 applicants are being considered, one in 5th year and the other in 3rd year with equal resumes, which one will be selected? Also, if one has 5 publications and the other has 0 publications with equal resumes, which one will be selected?

    1. Hi Dr. Salloum!

      For the first part of your question, the applicant in year 5 will be considered unless he/she has enough research experience. So, if an applicant from year 4 or 5 lacks enough research experience, we try our best to provide them with a seat because they are close to graduating and are more in need of this opportunity (for residency, LOR etc.) than others.

      For the second part of your question, we look specifically into the type of publication. Let’s say its a Medical Education Research Publication, then the applicant gets more points.
      But if it’s a publication out of a previous SPIRIT program, then the applicant has a lesser chance of getting accepted. This is because he/she already has already received the kind of research exposure SPIRIT offers. The same goes for presenting in a conference.

      We try our best to be as fair as possible. Let me know if you have any more questions/suggestions.

      Take care,

  4. Hey all!!

    Quick updates……

    1- The SPIRIT 2017 Seats booklet has been updated. Find it here: https://goo.gl/cvMCuI

    2- Please note down these deadlines:

    SPIRIT 2017 Application : 24th February 2017
    Application fee (SAR 100) : 26th February 2017

    3- Interviews will begin tomorrow (3 pm to 5 pm) for those who applied. Please check your email for the time and venue. The remaining interviews will take place on Saturday In shaa Allah.


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