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Quality Assurance – Feedback

The success of MSA articulates around the involvement and feedback from the students

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Message from the MSA

Alfaisal Medical Student Association would like to warmly welcome you to this new academic year filled with many programs and events. Our experienced and enthusiastic team will make sure to make it a very enjoyable year for everyone. For more info, contact msa@alfaisal.edu

Public Relations

Public Relations division of the MSA is tailored towards interacting with the student body. This ranges from promoting events through social media to being the basis of communication between the student body and the MSA. One of our core objectives is to raise awareness and publicity for the MSA itself and all of its events. The team is further divided into subcategories that specialize in achieving our goals: the video team, the media team, and the design team. We all have one thing in common, and that is creativity. Public Relations is where we all share our talents and creativity amongst each other and share that with the Public. We also try to uncover those hidden talents we have in Alfaisal and give them the opportunity to show off. We plan to make you shine through our lenses.

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Undergraduate Research Committee

The Undergraduate Research Committee (URC) was officially established in 2011 under the Medical Students’ Association and is run purely by students, who facilitate local and international research training and mentorship opportunities for their peers. Since, Alfaisal University recognizes the significance of research, it heavily supports its undergraduate students with various research opportunities. The university upholds a “student-centered” environment, thereby aiding in the foundation and establishment of URC.

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Events Team

Social Events: Events which give the opportunity to students to socialize and get to know one another while at the same time benefitting from the event itself such as gathering events, exhibition events and social night out events. Health Promotion events: Events aimed to promote certain areas of the healthcare sector and raise awareness about certain topics and diseases that are evident and common in our daily lives. Sports Events: Events that are based on practicing and competing in a range of provided sports for students to enjoy and excel in. Awarding and Celebration events: Events with a soul purpose of awarding and celebrating those of us who do excel and perform outstandingly in academic and/or nonacademic areas.

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The goal of the treasury and sponsorship committee is to divide the given budget as it sees fit after reviewing the proposals given by other committees. In order to ensure that the money provided is used wisely, the committee will require physical documentation detailing the expenditure. The committee is also planning to maximise its efforts in getting more sponsors in order to provide the Medical Student Association with the means to achieve all of its set plans.

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Growth and Development

``Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together``. The Growth and Development Committee aims to strengthen skills of medical students on both academic and non-academic aspects. Throughout our medical journey, the Growth and Development committee will continue to provide support and beneficial resources designed to meet the students’ needs at all levels. In addition, we aim to break the ice between medical students ad well as between the students and the faculty by involving both parties in our events and programs.

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Med Times

Med Times is the official magazine that represents the students' body of CoM at Alfaisal University. Med Times provides a huge platform for students to express themselves and showcase their talents at various fields including: Photography, Designing, Writing & Reporting, Drawing and more. Med Times also holds multitudes of competitions orgainzed yearly for a wide variety of fields such as art, writing, poetry and photography.

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